The Wyldes

The Wyldes

The Wyldes are where most of the monsters of the world live; this is where the monstrous courts are found. Something about this part of the world draws creatures in. While there is no formal government Tir Na Nog and Awshyler are considered the ruling islands. Despite that each island is considered part of a wild chain and gains no benefit from the Navy.

Tir Na Nog

Home of the Unseelie Court.


Home of the Seelie Courts.

Other Islands

  • Aurorall – Werewolf Colony
  • Greskervail – Goblin Island
  • Pelion – Land of the Centaurs
  • Gargjion – Land of Giants and Cyclopes
  • Aminkul – Land of Sphinxes
  • Land of Grim – Island of creatures like The Grim White Stag, Hinds, Yales, ect
  • Korisk – Land of Harpies, Hags, Furies, ect
  • Nissrash – Land of Nagas
  • Zelth – Plant Island
  • Houshroth – Home of the Hulra Court.
  • Moringqua – Home of the Griffin’s Roost and has a three mountains making up the mainland.
  • Nixie Spring – Home of the Nixies and is it said that the waters of their springs will heal any sickness.
  • Rurnon – Home of the Mermaids and is sometimes called Mermaind Isle. Supposedly the mermaid’s city is beneath the island in a large water filled cave.

The Wyldes

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