The Pearl Penny

The Penny Pearl

Jolly roger


Corvet – Colossal ship

Squares 3 (30 ft. by 90 ft.) Cost 10,000 gp


AC 2; Hardness 5

hp 1,620 (sails 360)

Base Save +6


Maximum Speed 90 ft. (wind); Acceleration 30 ft.

CMB +8; CMD 18

Ramming Damage 8d8


Propulsion wind or current

Sailing Check Profession (sailor)

Control Device steering wheel

Means of Propulsion 90 squares of sails (three masts)

Crew 150


Captain – Makes decisions on the ship, in charge of making sure the crew has work.

Boson – Captain gives the boson orders and the boson makes sure those orders are followed on the ship.

Master Gunner – In charge of running the gun deck.

Master of Tops – In charge of running the sails

Master of Arms – In charge of all weapons on board and the sharp shooters

Quartermaster – In charge of money and supplies.

Helm (x2) – In charge of steers the ship where the captain tells them to go.

Non Officers:

Watch Commanders (x2) – In charge of making sure people are working on their shift.

Surgeon – Repairs and maintains the crew.

Carpenter – Repairs and maintains the ship.

Gunners (x30) – Works on the gun deck, keeping cannons clean and the powder dry.

Topsman (x30) – 10 are also Sharp Shooters

Cooks (x3) – Feeds the crew.

Sail Maker – Repairs and maintains the sails, usually also a topsman.

Cooper – Makes barrels and other containers.

Sailor (x 73) – Does all the simple jobs on a ship.

Decks 3

Cargo/Passengers 150 tons/120 passengers

Weapons 20 Large direct-fire siege engines in banks of 10 positioned on the port and starboard sides of the ship. These siege engines may only fire out the sides of the ship that they are positioned on and cannot fire toward the forward or aft sides of the ship.


This massive sailing ship has three masts with square sails, she is called a corvette style ship. The Pearl Penny is primarily used for ocean travel and working a privateers or pirates.

The Pearl Penny

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