Language Rules


All across Siormris there is a multitude of languages spoken in every country or island.

Learning Languages at Character Creation

  1. Count up how many languages you would normally start with, including common and any for linguists
    • Ex. 7 starting languages plus 3 linguist languages equals 10 total languages
  2. Multiply that number by 3 that is how many points you start with.
    • Ex 10 languages multiplied by 3 equals 30 lp(Languages Points)
  3. Buy Languages, each level costs 1 lp.
    • Sparse – Enough to get by, such as renting a room or asking how someone’s day is. You start with 50 experience in the language.
    • Moderate – Carry on conversation with people, complicate concepts are still above you. You start with 151 experience in the language.
    • Fluent – Speak the Language and understand complicated concepts of the language with ease. You start with 401 experience in the language.
    • Native – You have a perfect accent along with an fluent understanding of the language. You start with 751 experience in the language.
  4. You get one free Native language that from the country you live in or where born in.

Learning Languages In-Play

  • During Session – Every week that passes in the game is a chance for players to pick up new languages or expand on what they already know. There is an experience number associated with each language a players knows. This number represents how much work they’ve put into learning that language and as the number gets higher their ability to speak it goes up. As long as they player has a way to continue expanding their knowledge they may make a linguistics check (untrained). This result is added to their experience total.
  • Leveling Up – When a player levels up their have the option of putting more ranks into linguistics. Each rank equals 1 language point and can be spent the same as character creation.
  • Sparse – 1 to 150 experience
  • Moderate – 151 to 400 experience
  • Fluent – 401 to 750 experience
  • Native – 751+

List of Languages

Language Rules

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