Baellina is one of the major trade hubs of the world. It started as three main islands that banded together so they could afford to pay for naval protection from the pirates that plagued their waters. Since they many other smaller islands have joined Baellina and each follows under the lead of one of the original three islands.

Though each island is unique in some ways, all islands as part of Baellina hold some commonalities. There is not a lot of high ground on the island chain. It is common for houses to be built on raised platforms. On some islands tree houses are preferred to distance from the ground. Depending on the island some are higher than others. For the smaller islands it is common for there to be about an inch of water (or more) on the ground at all times. People tend to walk barefoot and shoes are rare to be seen on natives. Because of the nature of the islands herd animals like cows, sheep, etc. are not raised. Instead fishing is the main source of protein. Some families will raise birds in coops, and on the big island of Baellina Proper there is one area that is able to keep pigs, but they are only for the most special of occasions. Fruit is very common along with vegetables that can be raised hydroponically.
Natives tend to have tan skin with eye color ranging from green to gold. Hair can be any color though, but dark brown tends to be rare. They tend to dress with neutral colored shirts and shorts or skirts that are then layered over with brightly colored sheer scarves and wraps that are usually embroidered on the edges. Jewelry is very common along with hair adornments.

Baellina Proper

Baellina Proper has custody of Deverrell, Loolaray, Konhoon and Nochban. This is where the council of three meets and the country’s capital is found. Baellina Proper is the largest of the islands. It has the most dry ground of all the islands, but still is wet and tropical. For those who travel to Baellina for reasons other than trade, this is the island they go to. People there are use to travelers and strangers and most are fluent in multiple languages. Shops are more willing to cater to foreigners and tend to be more of a mixing pot of cultures.


Nieralee has custody of Maralee, Lyralee and Solrana, it is the second of the main islands. Still a port for trade most go to Neiralee for larger transactions. If you need a new ship, Nieralee is where you go. Want to find a whole new crew? Nieralee can get it for you. It’s center is not quite the mountain in the center of Baellina Proper and more of a large tropical wetlands hill.


Kieviss has custody of Rashin, Tangzell, Bahray, Kievol and Hetbuhr, it is the third of the main islands. They are the protector islands and where the majority of Baellina military is trained. They are the most “urbanized” of the islands but are still no where close to the big cities of other countries. Some of the best seafarers come from Kieviss, and some even go on to join the World Navy.

Other Islands

  • Deverrell is very lush and colorful. A lot of plants have adapted to the wet environment. With this Deverrell is one of the islands that has adapted with tree houses. There are small docks to pull up boats and tie off to trees, from there there is stairs to go up and bridges from building to building. For traders on leave it is a common place to go to relax. Inns and Taverns are
    prevalent, and as long as you behave you are welcomed.
  • Konhoon and Nochban both are “first stops” for trade in Baellina. Both are famous for their high energy auctions and busy ports. From the time that the sun rises until it sets the streets are always busy, people are always shouting deals, and trade is always happening. The two are some of the most populated islands and because of this building are very close together. It is not uncommon for multiple level buildings with shops on the bottom and housing above.
  • Loolaray is a sacred island. It is hard to see from the outside because the trees that grow their hang their branches down to the water, creating a “curtain” around the island. You only go to Loolaray for a purpose. This is where the mystics live ((need better word)). People go to Loolaray for healing, guidance, charms, etc. Once you pass the curtain travel is done all through small boat. The canopy is so dense you can not see the sky. But this does not matter, even the waters of Loolaray hold secrets and they seem to glow a pale blue from the algae that lives in them.
  • Maralee and Lyralee are where a lot of “common natives” live. These are the islands away from the busy trade, where common fishermen and their families live. They are made up of small communities that work together. Once a day they take their wares to one of the main trade islands to be sold and bring back what their communities can not make or gather themselves. They are friendly with each other, but usually wary of visitors and there is no need for outsiders here.
  • Solarana is the smallest of the Nieralee islands. In all honesty Nieralee wishes that they were not associated with the island. This is where the black market is. You want to deal with flesh trade? Dark arts magic items? Solarana is the trade for this. It is a dangerous place, and if you haven’t been there before most would say you either take someone who has or if you go alone you will be dead by morning.
  • Rashin and Kievol are naval bases, but also still deal in trade. Most trade here is weapons and raw materials. Outsiders are fine for visiting, but if you plan to stay long you better be going to Tangzell.
  • Tangzell is the ex-pat island. Those who no longer wish to live in their country and want to be part of Baellina usually live on Tangzell. It is only under special conditions that an outsider truly lives on another of the islands.
  • Bahray is a ship yard for the most part. Boats, Ships, Custom orders are all made there. They are prized vessels that sailors will travel across the world to purchases. They get the lumber and other supplies needed from the big trade islands in exchange for boats needed for daily life.
  • Hetbuhr is the smallest of all the islands of Baellina. It is wild, feral, untouched. Not even the natives dare to go to the island for fear of what lives there. It is a dark place, a dangerous place, and very few make it out…


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