Kharlah Blood Talon

Half-Orc Sea Reaver


Half-Orc (Medium Humanoid: Human, Orc)
Barbarian (Sea Reaver) 7
True Chaotic
Initiative +1
Perception +10; Eyes of the Storm (Ex); Darkvision 60 feet

AC 20/Touch 11/Flat-Footed 19 (9 Armor, +1 Dex)
Fort 7/Ref3/Will +2
Damage Reduction 1/-

Speed 30 feet
Marine Terror (Ex), Sure Footed (Ex)
Rage (Ex) 20 rounds/day; Guarded Life, Greater Guarded Life, Roused Anger
Orc Ferocity, Ferocious Resolve, Ferocious Tenacity, Fight On
Masterwork Great Axe 13/8 (1d12+5/x3) or Boarding Axe 12/7 (1d6+5/x3)
Throwing Axe 8/3 (1d6+5/x3)

Str 20, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 10
BAB 7/2; CMB 12; CMD 23
Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Any Weapon with the Word “Orc” in Its Name, Catch Off Guard, Light Armor, and Shields (except tower shields).
Acrobatics +9 (
2 bonus to checks made in aquatic terrain, including aboard a ship or along shorelines), Climb 7 (2 bonus on checks made in aquatic terrain, including aboard a ship or along shorelines), Intimidate 6 (2 bonus on checks made when fighting at negative hp), Knowledge (Nature) 11, Perception +10, Profession (Sailor) +7 (2 bonus on checks made in aquatic terrain, including aboard a ship or along shorelines), Survival 10 (2 bonus on checks made in aquatic terrain, including aboard a ship or along shorelines), and Swim 7 (2 bonus on checks made in aquatic terrain, including aboard a ship or along shorelines).
Common, Orc
Explorer’s Outfit, Celestial Armor, Masterwork Great Axe, 2 Boarding Axes, 2 Throwing Axes, 752 gp

Name: Khanilal’ Rhatah of the Fire Spear Tribe born of the Blood Talon Clan. You can Call me Kharla Blood Talon

Race: Half Orc

Class: Barbarian

Duties/Occupation on Ship: Master Gunner

Age: about 25-ish

Tattoos/Piercings: Tribe affiliation tattoo on left upper arm (usually covered up) Multiple piercings up both ears. (emergency gold)

Height: 6’ ft. 6" in. (I’m the runt of the litter)

Build: Muscular

Standard Outfit Normally Seen In: typical pirate clothing, off white off the shoulder shirt, corset, baggy pants, tall boots, pistols and axe on hip.

Character Physically: Mocha brown skin, long wavy back hair, grey eyes, small tusks, human like nose. Small tusks, they only show when mouth is open.

2 years ago your current Captain came to you and asked you to join her crew… Where did she find you?
I was working as a bouncer for a shitty little hole in the wall bar in a port town.

What were you doing at the time?
Throwing brawling drunkards out of the bar

Did you join easily or did it take something else to make you join? Easily. I wanted out of that dead end place

Where were you born? Mor Kor on the Isle of Tolo’k


I was born in Mor Kor on the Isle of Tolo’k

My Father, Zorhgigoth Blood Talon and Mother, Gashnakh Blood Tallon, were guides for big game hunters. This was mainly a joke and easy pay fro them, because these big game hunters were coming to the Mor Kor to hunt what the Orcs considered rabbits. Not to say that the Tamroc are timid little creatures, they can rip a Orc’s head off with one bite. Tamroc’s are more willing to leave you alone unless they are hungry. They are among the calmest beats on the island, but telling that to the hunters would be bad for business. One day a giant of a human came and was looking for Rist, the deadliest beast on the island. Even the greatest orc warriors feared it. This human hunter was like none my mother has ever seen before. He was tall for a human (tall as her), muscular, scared, smoldering black eyes, dark brown skin, shaved head, he was a strong fighter and rich. If he had been an Orc he would have been the most hansom Orc she had ever seen. He would not be talked down or fooled by other animals. He knew what he was hunting and nothing would change his mind. My Parents were the only ones would take the job of finding Rist. The hunt did not go well. They killed many creatures over the weeks, but could not catch the Rist. Mother and the human drew close, Father did not think any thing of it. Humans were lesser creatures, even if this one was more like an Orc than some of the other Orcs he knew. One night while Father was out on patrol, Mother and the Human’s attraction to each other came to passionate out burst she never believed possible. That was before they heard the screaming. As they ran out of the Tent there was Rist with Father, still fighting, clamped in it’s teeth. They realized, Rist had been toying and hunting them all these weeks. It was a fierce battle Mother, Father and the Human managed to kill Rist, but not before severely wounding all 3 of them. Laying there, panting, bleeding and hoping no scavenger would show up to eat them while too exhausted to move, Mother and the Human confessed to Father. If he could have moved he would have killed them both, but to tired to get worked up, honor and reasoning had a hold of his brain. If it wasn’t for them he would be dead. They could have left him to die, but they didn’t. They could have hid the truth from him, but they didn’t. Father took the hard road. He forgave them and would tell no one of Mother’s indiscretion. He would continue to keep her as his wife, so long as the Human never returned. Which the Human vowed to do. He and Mother knew what they had done was a mistake and never should have happened. Other than adrenalin and primitive attraction, they had no real basis of any deeper emotion bonding them. It was a mistake and better to not make it worse. It took days dragging the corpse of Rist before they got to an encampment to get wounds tended and the Human sent back home. When I was born, Father tried to hide his disappointment that I was the Human’s child and not his. Mother named me Khanilal’ Rhatah meaning Delicate Little Flower. When the elders would remark on how odd I looked, Father told them that after the battle with Rist when healing was given Mother had received a potion to cure her, but not knowing she was pregnant at the time, I was altered by it’s magic. When it comes to magic the Elders would believe just about any thing, I could have been born with two heads, a tail, and horns and they wouldn’t not have doubted. Father Raised me as his own, with my 4 older siblings. They stayed with the clan because they were too young to go on the hunt. It had always been a torment for me growing up. Not only was I a good deal smaller than my siblings, I looked different than my family and other Orcs, I had the wimpiest name in the Tribe. It was like I was not expected to live. You give a child a strong name so it can grow up strong. My siblings got good names like, Mauhulakh, Ghoragdush, Kharzug, and Gashna.

I was expected to be weak and die with in a season. It became my life’s purpose to prove every one wrong. At first my training was to be one of the learned in the clan, so I was taught to read and wright, and how to do numbers. But with kids always trying to pick on the weakest, I was taught how to fight dirty and to look for the weak points. Being smaller I could get into places they couldn’t, and target places like knees and other joints to take down my tormentors. When I would win a fight, my name became an embarrassment to them. Mighty Hunter was beaten up by Delicate Little Flower. There was something smugly satisfying with that. When a young Orc comes of age they are sent out into the wilds armed with nothing but a small knife for a week. There are usually 1 of 3 outcomes 1. The Child survived and is now an adult. 2. The Child dies and the family morns. 3. The Child returns triumphantly with a mighty kill. 1 is the most common, 2 happens once in a while, while number 3 usually mean the child has a great destiny and often become clan leaders. Afterwards they are tattooed with the mark of the Tribe as a sign of Honor and Kinsman Mauhulakh, my oldest brother wast the first one in a generation to return victorious so he started training as Clan Leader. He will take over as the Blood Talon leader when the current leader dies. Ghoragdush (male) & Kharzug (female) the Twins, are natural con artists. While Ghoragdush made a big show of leaving the camp, Kharzug snuck back into camp to grab more supplies while every one was looking the other way. Twins are not unheard of in Orc tribes, they just are not very common. Having split gender twins is where the looks get odd. Those 2 survived, but rather comfortably. The Elders didn’t know if they should have been mad or proud of them. They passed with out much of a scolding. Gashna my youngest brother, the trial was hard on him, he loved books more than hunting, he was already working with the tribe scribe before the coming of age trial. Get him away from his books and he’s lost. We had to go find him. so Technically he survived the week. He was holed up in a small cave eating berries and other things he could scavenge up. He went back to the books and no one has been able to pry him away from the scholar’s tent since. Me, well they were taking bets on if I would survive or not. Not only did I survive I rode back into camp on a wild Varishna (horse like animal with 6 legs, rabid carnivore, and black scales instead of hair). Needless to say it freaked some of the elders out. You are suppose to show the trophies of your kill not ride it back and treat it like a pet. What can I say, its hard to not try and one up the people who try and keep you down. I am 10 years younger than my oldest brother. I was no threat to taking his position as next Clan Leader, but I wanted to prove that I was not inferior to him or any one else. After receiving my Tribal Tattoo, (given at the welcome celebration for all the new adults into the Tribe. It is the one time of the year when all the clans under that tribe get together and trade, arrange marriages and share news of the world and see family members) I decided I wanted to travel and see more of the world. Ok so I didn’t like the look some of the older males were giving me now that I was an adult. My family took the news well. It’s a common practice for a young Orc to want to explore before settling down. It gives the parents more time to find a suitable mate. By the end of the celebration I was off to the only port on the Island and never looked back. Mom left a letter in my pack explaining why I was so different in my pack. She didn’t want me to freak out if I ever ran into my birth father. She knew I was going further than just the port. Most Orcs don’t go that far. Few get jobs as sailors but come back to home shores on a regular basis. I’ve been working on ships or taking odd jobs to get the money to travel from port to port. The world is a much more interesting place than just the stifling jungles of Mor Kor.

Kharlah Blood Talon

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