Katie Morgan



Name: Known by Katie Morgan. Her real name is Kina Analu, but very few know this fact.
Race: Half Elf
Class: (TBD)
Duties/Occupation on Ship: Captain
Age: (equivalent/appearance) Appearance as in her 30s
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Light Tan
Eyes: Honey Brown
Tattoos/Piercings: Multiple Piercings on her ears. She has a few tattoos, one being the Mark from the World Navy showing she was a Pirate at one point and now their Privateer. She also has a few on her back and her left shoulder and right ankle/calf.
Height: 5’9"
Build: Athletic but curvy
Standard Outfit Normally Seen In: She likes to wear clothing of her people from Baellina, so a tube top made of straps of cloth and shorts to match both in a light tan which is then draped with brightly colored sheer scarves. She never wears shoes if she can.
Distinguishing Marks or Physical Characteristics: None
Anything Else I Should Know About Your Character Physically: She wears the standard adornments in her hair like a lot of natives of Baellina do, but there is one that looks different than the others. It is a little too big and is made out of a stone of some sort with carvings in it. When worried or troubled she will play with it.


Background Story:
Katie was originally born on the island of Lyralee, born under the name of Kina Analu, before Baellina adopted to partner with the World Navy. She grew up a fairly normal life with a mother and father, 3 brothers, and 1 sister. She was second born with her brother, Malo, being the only one older than her. Her family was very close to a family from the neighboring community. Every week her mother would take the children with her to them and sit with the other women weaving baskets and talking while the children played. Kina quickly became friends with the oldest son, Ewelani. Time went by, Kina learned a lot of skills from her people about ships and rope and fishing (one of her favorite things to do) along with household duties of a women of their people. Her connection with Ewelani also grew, and soon young love bloomed. Their parents were thrilled with the relationship, encouraging the young couple and strengthening their bond. Finally, one evening, under the light of the moon, Ewelani took Kina out to the ocean on one of the fishing boats. He gave her a necklace with a carved bit of stone and asked her to be his wife. She said yes and the two were set to be wed.
The morning of her wedding day was a wonderful one for Kina. Her mother and sister helped her get ready in the traditional dress for the occasion. Her mother and sister stepped away to make further preparation, and Ewelani sneaked in. Kina scolded him as they were not suppose to be together until it was announced they were husband and wife. But Ewelani didn’t care, he wanted one kiss before the ritual started. He held her face and pulled her in an inch away from his love….
The wall exploded next to them, sending the couple flying to the ground, her head hitting against the hard floor. Kina didn’t remember much from there, the world was hazy and spinning… but she saw red, and lots of it. Ewelani was fighting off men as they poured into the building, no weapon of his own he used whatever his hands could reach to fend them off. Kina tried to get up but her body wouldn’t let her, the world still in a daze. She saw the blood from from Ewelani’s head, she saw his body hit the ground. She called his name and reached for him, but her voice sounded like echoing whispers in the chaos around her. Suddenly she was picked up, her hands and feet bound together as she was thrown over the shoulder of a large man. He carried her quickly out of the village as it burned, all around she saw her friends… her family being cut down, their blood mixing with the few inches of water that covered the ground all over Lyralee… it was the day Lyralee turned red as all the Pirates came in contact with were either cut down and left to die in the water or taken to be sold as slaves.
Kina blacked out for the loss of blood and shock. When she woke up she was shackled and wore only a white cotton dress. The door opened and a man walked in. His beard was long and black, his eyes cold and dark. He had a large hat with feathers and a long coat stained in red. He smiled at her, most of his teeth blackened or traded for silver or gold replacements. His name was Captain John Edwards, one of the most feared pirates on the sea of Nyomeer and Captain of the Pearl Penny. He informed her of her new lot in life, to be his personal….. companion. He gave her the name of Katie, telling her that her new life needed a new name. She spent years with John, under his hand and under his will, but she learned to survive fast. She learned that sometimes if she cried his hand wasn’t as hard, so she learned to cry when she wanted. She learned how twist his mind more to her favor, tell her things she wanted to know, while he bed her. She got him to teach her how to fight with a dagger, in case any unwanted stray sailors were brave enough to venture into his cabin of course. She learned to use him, all the while as he believed himself in control of the situation. She waited for her time, knowing that if she was patient enough it would pay of. She convinced the Captain to attack a merchant ship that his Bosun told him to avoid, the Bosun warned it was too much for their ship to take. But she whispered in the Captain ear, telling him that no ship could stop the power of the Pearl Penny under his command. John attacked with everything he had, but the Bosun was right, the ship had a Navy escort and between the two the Pearl Penny lost nearly all her crew, including the Bosun. It was all they could do to flee and escape with what they had in hopes of repairing. John stumbled into his chambers, wounded from the battle but not fatally. He sat in his chair, cursing Katie for her advice, threatening lashes to her back until she begged for mercy as soon as he could lift his arm proper again. It was Katie’s time to strike. She grabbed the dagger he gave her for protection from under the pillow and stabbed John Edwards in the heart. After getting the key of his former person and lifting her shackles she cut off his head. The crew was weak and their spirits broken, most injured and there were already talks of mutiny. She came out to the deck of the ship, holding his sword and his head high. She announced that she had killed the Captain, told a story of how he was touched with madness and she had begged him to to follow this suit. She claimed herself Captain and dared any man to try and take it from her.
She lead the Pearl Penny for years, rebuilding it’s crew, becoming hardened by the life on the sea. She was as violent as John, knowing that any sign of weakness and it would be her head someone held high. She knew the trade routes and the prized chickens to pluck, devastating merchants over the world… gaining the attention of the World Navy. Captain Katie Morgan fell into the trap that most Pirates do, the treasure to appealing to not take. The heavy ladened, under manned ship rocked in the ocean, it’s mass broken in half. It was too good not to take, and try to take they did. But it was a trap. The Navy boats came fast overpowered the Pearl Penny, taking the ship and it’s crew in. A quick trial and the crew was found guilty of Piracy and all were sent to the gallows… but Katie had learned well from her time with John. She pleaded to the Vice Admiral, crying to him how she was nothing more than a victim in the life she now lead. She let his arms comfort her, his hands caress her body as she whispered in his ears pleas of mercy. After a night with the Vice Admiral she was given a choice, either she can join her crew at the gallows or… she could work for the World Navy as a Privateer, sailing under their charge and mark. This option seemed much more appealing to Katie and she accepted. She was assigned a Bosun and took the Pearl Penny to sail the world rebuilding her crew. She found the most skilled women and men and put them on the duties of the ship. That was 2 years ago…

Katie Morgan

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